Journeying with Mike is a pleasurable adventure of curiosity, openness and insight that has allowed me to explore my inner world.


Mike is attentive with a deeply nurturing nature that truly sets me at ease in our sharing and offers a space that is held in sacredness.  His presence and his curiosity invite me into an unfolding of all that I already know and a seeing that I may have missed in my own contemplation.


I feel truly blessed to journey with Mike and as a Therapist myself, I can truly recommend his kind, graciousness in a therapeutic alliance."

                                     Tatz.H,  Australia


I enjoyed working with Mike immensely. He was very approachable, very warm and very positive.


He helped me draw out some important strengths that I had overlooked and helped me see things in a new and constructive light. I still benefit from insights we distilled together in our sessions.

          Andrew.S,  Australia


Mike has a genuineness that shines through upon first meeting him. I felt at ease straight away, the care and interest he possesses is a real credit to his therapeutic practice. Our sessions always unfold organically and I always walk away with some concrete tools to use. His depth of care is a real attribute.

       C.B, Victoria,  Australia


From the very first session

with Mike I felt from him a deep compassionate understanding that reflected a genuine passion for helping people to really get the most out of life. This authenticity was a real catalyst for me, with Mike's gentle, insightful guidance enabling me to access parts of myself that I had overlooked and unacknowledged. I'm very grateful to have this support and authentic connection in a therapist.

Vanessa B, Australia


Talking to Mike was a breath of fresh air. He really helped me feel comfortable with myself so I could work through my issues. Such a lovely experience.

Daniel.W, Australia

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